Hey ya'll, I'm Kyle. I'm 22 and was raised a Country Boy. I'm a Christian living in Southern Maryland. I'm a Guitarist although I was a Singer long before I started playing, and I occasionally write my own song. Writing is just a great way for me to escape and get some of my thoughts, problems, and memories organized. I'm definitely a Chevy guy at heart, I grew up in a GM family and racing runs in my blood. Live the Farm Life on my dad's sheep farm 'Emma's Daisyhill Farm'. And we ride International Tractors. Red is definitely better than green. Send me an ask or talk to me, I don't bite, and I love talking to new people. Ask me for my Kik. =) Enjoy!

9th April 2014

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3 months of recovery and it feels great.

3 months of recovery and it feels great.

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